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 From the beginning

We see things differently


Decades ago we began fulfilling the needs of parents to have juvenile products that were safe and comfortable. Every parent wants to use the best for their baby, they don't want to use toxic fabrics or products that are designed to harm or hurt their baby.

We saw products that were not beneficial to a child's best development and we researched how to fulfill that need with a safe product. Our Hitch-hiker baby carrier was our first patented child product. It provided the perfect support for the growing body and allowed the parent comfort as well perfect back support. Carrying a baby was finally, safe, healthy and comfortable.

Our products were expanded into the most comfortable, healthy re-useable baby fitted diapers. While disposable diapers are convenient you don't want to sacrifice toxic chemical exposure for convenience. We developed a breathable diaper that absorbs well, fits perfectly to a baby's bottom and provides a healthy environment to baby's skin so rash and infections are eliminated.

We added in a our line of baby products a swaddling blanket that allows for safe swaddling, versatility of use, comfort for the baby and ease of use for the parent. 

A outwear bunting that gave a baby the ability to retain optimal warmth by keeping upper extremities close to the body. Babies lose warmth faster, keeping their arms close to the torso helps retain body heat. The legs are designed to easily sit in strollers/carseats safely. We provide a hood that is easy to use or turn down when needed. The perfect baby outerwear for the baby on the go.

If there is a need we try to find an answer to fulfill it.  As the years passed by bigger needs were presented and we did not hesitate to meet the challenge.

 We see challenges and wonder how to meet them. We see how others try to meet challenges, we see how others put together formulas, and remedies and ask why they don't achieve the degree of benefit they were intended to achieve. Then we look at the need from a different way, see a different method and then say - why not?  It 's how we see it that gives us the advantage of creating new directions - Paradigm Research has always sought and achieved the better direction.

When we began to see the ingredients in creams and salves we could understand why people develop rashes and adverse reactions to some products. Our skin doesn't need chemicals to be healthy. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, absorbing everything that touches it. Chemicals once absorbed begin to find their way in the body, disrupting a healthy balance, accumulating to begin a mass, breaking down an organ's function and beginning an auto-immune disorder.

When our Jesicha discovered she had cancer we looked at what the chemicals were doing to her body and wanted to learn more about creating a healing environment. While we could not save her, the information and direction we took became her legacy. She left us pointing in the right direction.

Through the years the family have turned to search and research everything that we do in our lives. We realize it is what we eat, breathe, drink and expose ourselves to that makes us either stronger or weaker.

We have developed ways to help the body fight disease, giving the body tools to work with so it can kill off bad and damaged cells.  Keeping pathogens at bay, killing them when they begin to attack the body, is one of the biggest challenges that body faces.

When damage is done to the body, pathogens set in and thrive off the toxins stored in the damaged cells. When we are able to kill off the damaged cells [as in cancer] the pathogens [bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites] into the body, creating rapid illness. We call this the Pandora Effect.

Our formulations today all focus on helping the body heal, giving it healing tools and create wellness. Our salves and creams focus on giving the body through the skin a way to help heal, soothe and create newer younger skin cells.

We love sharing our experiences and we love hearing from others that enjoy using our discoveries. Together we can make a difference.