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cell-f-defenseCell-F-Defense -  is a proprietary nanoparticle blend of common minerals synergistically acting together to help kill viruses, bacteria and fungus. All ingredients were chosen for their strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.  It is beneficial in combating both topical and internal infections in both humans and animals. It has the ability to get inside bacteria, viral and fungal cells to disrupt their replication process.

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Quantum Serum

Quantum Serum
- is a proprietary non-toxic formulation  using nanotechnology to deliver it's benefits directly inside cells. We use the scientific research using Nano molecules to deliver drugs and other elements. In our research we used it to deliver a deadly blow to damaged and healthy damaging cells, including cancer cells or bacteria.

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EMF cards

EMF Cards - are created using a proprietary design that are able to restructure water molecules as nature intended. There is a life force energy that is always around us. When we are exposed to  radiation or EMF's there is damage to our life force energy.  This device is able to quickly eliminate the damage and reconstruct the proper life force energy.

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Salves - Creams - Ointments

Cell-F-Heal -
a healing salve that helps promote healing of minor skin injuries and skin conditions. Comfrey a proven plant that encourages cell restoration and new cell growth
synergistically works with select healing essential oils to help heal even the most tender skin,

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Anti- Aging Cream

Skin Soothe

Skin Deep