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For years people have wondered if cell phones, printers, computers, even that cell tower looming on the hill above your house could cause damage to your body. If you measure electrical disturbances in the life force of the body when exposed to radiation and EMF's, including the 5G services, you will discover the damage to the cells.


Knowing the damages we are able to understand the impact of nuclear radiation on humans. It reached far beyond what the media wanted you to believe. Furthermore, your computer, cell phone, electronics in the workplace, home and anywhere you visited that used any technological electronics were altering your cells life force.  Could this be changed?


Radiation can affect you in two ways: one is direct and the second is through damage to the life force. This latter damage lowers your resistance to damage and disease.  Some doctors have told us that every person they have treated for cancer or other disease has radiation damage.   This may not be the cause they say but it most certainly prevents the body from healing or preventing disease.



Structured water is essential, the EMF - Cards can repair the damage. We all have life force, it is what keeps our cells line up and working in harmony. Religions speak of life energy and scientists have been studying it. Many had theorized about the damage to the life force and made products that claimed repair but do they really work?

A life force device was created using over ten layers of microscopic vacuumed deposited conductors and layers of dielectric organic material, combined carefully into a sealed card.   The cards were used on plain water and after the water sat on a card for 30 minutes the water's surface tension changed as well as the rate of evaporation.  After sitting on the card and consumed, the newly structured water repaired the damage to the person's life force.

Anyone in today's world, being exposed to microwaves, cell phone, electronic devices. computers or have had any radiation for cancer absolutely needs to have at least one card. They should be used everyday to maintain complete life force balance in the body.


These EMF Cards are available for use at Nurturtech

It had been brought to our attention that some EMF protection products are not healthy or helpful to body. Be aware when a product claims it emits negative ions, having been made with a type of mineral to neutralize emf waves, this mineral could be giving out radiation. Read more
Ionizing radiation from exposure to such materials [thorium powder] for extended periods could cause health risks and DNA damage. read more
Negative ion bracelets sold on Amazon gave off about 5.6 microsieverts an hour which is equivalent of getting a dental w-ray every two hours. They were using radioactive thorium dioxide powder. No negative ions were even being emitting. read more

Please use discernment in what you use. The EMF - Life Force Cards we developed use NO thorium dioxide or uranium. We use only safe materials.


Using EMF-Cards are not just for structuring the body's water but can help plants grow better too, Vegetables we eat grown with structured water will provide better food because they will be healthier and production will be increased.